Golden Era to Platinum Era for Metformin

Metformin is the drug of choice in type II diabetes patients. It is very effective in controlling blood sugar levels with modest weight lost. In type 2 diabetes mellitus patients, the disease generally originates, and progress from overweight. The overweight people, whose waist circumference are greater than normal, postulated to have insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means more than normal levels of insulin is needed to achieve the same effects, which results hyperinsulinemia. Insulin itself is a growth promoting  hormone with mitogenic effects, and also been suggested to promote cancerogenesis. On the other  hand, metformin is shown to reduce cancer mortality risk.

In this prospective cohort study that was published in Diabetes Care, the authors concluded that:” Although the design cannot provide a conclusion about casuality, our results suggest a protective effect of metformin on cancer mortality. ”

“Metformin Associated withLower Cancer Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes. Zodiac-16”.

Diabetes  Care 33:322-326, 2010.


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